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The Junior League of Birmingham believes it is time we start having proactive conversations about how to combat trafficking. Join JLB Anti-Human Trafficking Committee members Jessie Keating Hardy and Ellie Friedman as we discuss how the sex trafficking business operates, how traffickers recruit and subjugate young women and children, and what you can do to help put an end to this modern form of slavery.

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Social media can be an incredible tool to keep people connected, especially now during a global pandemic. But it also is a gateway through which sex traffickers recruit victims for their trade. And despite parents’ best efforts, every child can be a target. Join us as we learn from Renee Abrams, School Safety Manager of BARK, a leading online safety company, how you as a parent can monitor your children’s online activity and protect them from online predators and human traffickers.

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Human trafficking is largely successful because of community apathy and denial of its existence. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening right under our noses - and on an enormous scale. Ending human trafficking will require working together on a communitywide response. Come learn how you can be part of a solution to this multi-billion dollar crime operation from those who have witnessed it first hand. 

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